Leadership, success and happiness at work | Verity Price | Skillfully

A positive mindset drives positive results | Tips for success and happiness

Verity Price
20 June 2023

Online course in positivity and happiness

In this interview, Skillfully speaks with the inspiring Verity Price, the first African and sixth woman ever to become the World Public Speaking Champion. Verity, who is also a TEDx speaker, entrepreneur, musician and actor, shares her expertise and tips for discovering the keys to happiness and positivity. She discusses the importance, for corporate employees and teams, of learning practical skills to increase happiness and positivity, and the profound impact of these qualities in the workplace. Verity also delves into the science behind positive psychology, exploring its proven benefits. She generously imparts practices to increase one's own optimism and happiness, along with valuable tips for establishing optimism and positivity as daily habits. Listen to this inspiring conversation as Verity Price reveals her insights and lessons for success and happiness - and be sure to book your spot today on her course Succeed With Optimism, as places are limited.