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Wanted: Inspiring candidates for the Skillfully High Achiever Award 2024

Skillfully staff writer
05 November 2023


At Skillfully, we’re committed to the value of upskilling. With the right training, professionals can advance their capacities and careers while helping colleagues, clients and others.


That’s why we host the Skillfully High Achiever Award. The award celebrates young professionals in financial services who have upskilled themselves, and by doing so boosted their own work performance and brought benefit to others too.


Click here to apply. You’re eligible for the award if this describes you:


  • You’re in the early stages of your career. You’re likely in your twenties, already making waves, with a great future ahead of you. 
  • While working in financial services, you’ve completed some training or education at some point since 1 January 2023 
  • Through this training, you acquired skills and knowledge that you have been able to use to great effect at work. 
  • Your learning journey is inspirational. Maybe you’ve come a long way – to get into financial services, to succeed in your training, or to use what you’ve learnt. Or your peers admire the way you’ve combined working and learning to benefit your firm, your colleagues, your clients, and yourself. 


Then we invite you to apply, with the support of your firm, for the Skillfully High Achiever Award 2024


First prize is R5,000; second and third prizes are R3,000 and R2,000 respectively. Prize-winners will receive a certificate, and their names and stories will be publicised to inspire peers in financial services. 


Please complete these questions and submit the form. After the first section, you can choose how to answer – and as you’ll see, we have some suggestions to help you out. 


If anything is unclear, drop us a line at 



(Image source: Rorozoa on Freepik)