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It’s never been easier to learn Xhosa

Skillfully staff writer
22 May 2024

“Let’s face it, most white people in South Africa can’t speak or understand an African language. The figure for those who do is so low, it’s not even featured in Census data.”


Check out this entertaining and insightful article  from the Daily Maverick by Dr Tessa Dowling. From the dominance of English to the perceived difficulty of languages like Xhosa, she believes many factors are at play. But despite these challenges, learning an African language is easier than you might think.


Dr Dowling also explores urban culture, where English and Xhosa blend seamlessly. Platforms like TikTok showcase young Xhosa speakers using both languages creatively, making the learning process engaging and fun.


Ready to start learning Xhosa? Tessa offers two tailored courses to suit your proficiency level.


Speak Xhosa in Eight Weeks is a beginner's Xhosa course for those who know nothing about Xhosa but would like to learn Xhosa . The Intermediate Xhosa course provides conversation practice for those striving to become fluent in Xhosa. 


Don’t’ miss out on this opportunity to enrol in Dr Dowling’s Xhosa courses – book your spot now before seats fill up.