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Certified Financial Planner® PCE Prep Course

  • Trainer: Synergia Learning
  • Hours of instruction: 30+
  • Course cost: R2,400 for one exam; R4,300 for both (VAT not applicable). Best price guaranteed

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"Carmen's lectures are amazing and her format is exceptional, ensuring that even people like me who already work 18 hours a day with very little time to commit to studies, can pass."

"THANK YOU for the brilliant two days that we spent with you. It was informative, well presented, and knowledgeable. Your passionate and caring nature speaks for itself."

If you have obtained your NQF8 in financial planning, accumulated the necessary three years of experience, and committed to the ethics code, you are just one step away from achieving the coveted CFP® designation. Now, you just need to pass the Financial Planning Institute's PCE board exam. However, this is a famously difficult exam to pass, and so Synergia Learning's Certified Financial Planner® course offerings are carefully designed to help you do just that. 

Because Synergia Learning is passionate about education, its PCE prep offerings focus not only on the exam content, but also on how it is applied in context. This achieves the twin objectives of preparing you well for the exam, and also enhancing your professional practice.

Exam structure

The PCE exam consists of two three-hour case studies, written on separate days. One is an investment planning case study, and the other is an estate planning case study. The FPI permits candidates who have passed one case study but failed the other to re-write just the case study they failed. Synergia Learning therefore offers prep courses for the two case studies separately, so that people who need to write just one have the option to prepare for that one only.

Course structure

For each case study, Synergia Learning offers an online course which is a blend of live sessions and other learning resources that are always available for you to work through in your own time. The CFP® study materials are available for about two months prior to each set of exams. The resources include:

  • Four live virtual sessions with Carmen Venter (dates indicated below)
  • Online content and video lessons on key examinable topics, including updated legislation, time value of money, estate duty calculations, investment products, taxation, retirement planning, etc.
  • Video lesson about mastering exam skills and approach, including how to interpret the given facts, how to understand the question, and how to apply your solution to the client in the scenario, as well as proven psychological strategies to face the exam with confidence.
  • Eight past CFP® PCE exam case studies with CFP® practice questions and suggested solutions, including recorded discussions
  • Minimum of six additional case studies developed by Synergia Learning, with suggested solutions for self-assessment
  • Two online practice assessments containing mini case studies, in MCQ quiz format

In addition to the live virtual sessions, this is a minimum of 30 hours of content per case study, accessed via a world-class learning management system (LMS).

Live session dates

Synergia Learning provides a set of live sessions to prepare for the PCE exam. Each session takes place on Zoom, 18h00-21h00. The dates for the live sessions are available below.

Live sessions cover both case studies, so even if you're just re-writing one case study, you should plan to attend every live session.


If you are preparing for the PCE exam at a specific date, pricing is as follows (VAT not applicable):

One case study Both case studies
R2,400 R4,300


There are also two further options:

  • For students on a tight budget, you can just attend the live sessions before an exam, at a cost of R400 (VAT not applicable).
  • If you would like full access to all material and all live sessions until the very last PC exam in 2024, the cost is R8,000 (VAT not applicable).

To enquire about either of these further options, please use the 'Ask a question' button at the top of the page.

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Carmen's lectures are amazing and her format is exceptional, ensuring that even people like me who already work 18 hours a day and who have very little time to commit to studies, can actually pass. Her absolute commitment to her students and the financial industry is commendable and there is no doubt that she goes way beyond the call of duty at all times, managing to make every lecture interesting, and definitely adding value to our general knowledge as financial advisors.

- Kobus Kleyn

Carmen, you have no idea how much you have helped me. Thank you so much for the classes and for helping me achieve one of my life’s crucial goals!

- Virath Juggai

I would really like to thank Carmen and her team for all her hard work, excellence and the way they were always prepared to go the extra mile for me to ensure that I understand and in the end playing a huge role in ensuring that I passed! They play a huge role in helping us as financial advisors to improve our skills and knowledge to ensure that we can be better advisors.

- Anton Rogers

Carmen, THANK YOU for the brilliant two days that we spent with you. It was informative, well presented, knowledgeable, and we all now feel more confident about the topics discussed. Your passionate and caring nature speaks for itself.

- Seema Moodley

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