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Anew School of Facilitation

  • Trainer: Anew
  • Hours of instruction: 4 days
  • Course venue (city): Cape Town
  • Course cost: R18,000 (VAT not applicable) per delegate. Best price guaranteed. 20% discount on groups of 4 or more

An absolutely outstanding experience and steep learning curve for different experience levels. Marike and Clinton go above and beyond to explain the practical steps and the thinking behind each and every type of facilitation.

They practice 100% what they preach, set very helpful examples and are open to all types of questions. I can’t recommend it more.

At the Anew School of Facilitation, you'll explore what it takes to design and facilitate gatherings and events that are connected, innovative, inspiring and transformative.

This programme may be right for you if you regularly bring together groups of people. You might be a team leader, executive, founder, educator, event organiser, full-time facilitator, or something entirely different.

If you're actively thinking about how to make your gatherings better and seeking facilitator training, the Anew School of Facilitation is the next step in your development journey.

Expertise and community

The School of Facilitation is an intensive 4-day programme at a beautiful retreat space in Cape Town with an expansive garden. You'll access: 

  • Expert knowledge and experience based on more than a decade’s work in the field of people development and facilitation around the world
  • An opportunity to connect with your unique Way of Being as a facilitator
  • A deepened understanding of engaging, innovative techniques
  • A step-by-step approach to designing your own impactful gatherings
  • A supportive, diverse community of facilitators from around the world.

What you'll learn

You’ll learn to:

  • Uncover how your Way of Being shapes your Way of Doing
  • Create a Thinking Environment and a container of Trust
  • Deepen your understanding of adult learning
  • Explore the needs of your participants through empathy-led tools
  • Understand the design cycle, and identify opportunities for innovation
  • Craft unique, layered journeys from start to finish
  • Troubleshoot common challenges with fellow facilitators
  • Continue your development beyond the programme

Not 'normal' training

This is not 'normal' training. Anew has created a deeply experiential, fully international, easeful, beautiful learning programme.

Friendship is important to Anew.
So is purpose.
So is food.
So is beauty.
So are meaningful gatherings and facilitation.

You'll find all of this at the School of Facilitation. It is engaging, highly participatory and co-creative, while supporting learning and reflection for sustained personal growth.

Each session uses just the right blend of methodologies, content and thoughtful touches to make every experience easeful, inspiring and yet sufficiently challenging for you.

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07 Oct 2024 - 10 Oct 2024
Spring in Cape Town
  • Start date: 07 Oct 2024
  • End date: 10 Oct 2024
  • Hours of instruction: 4 full days
  • City: Cape Town
  • Course fee: R18,000 (VAT not applicable) per delegate. Best price guaranteed. 20% discount on groups of 4 or more
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“Even 5-10 years down the line, this program will be a milestone in my facilitation journey. It has helped me find confidence in my purpose as a facilitator and hone my approach to designing gatherings. I loved the fact that there was ample space for questions, conversations, and sharing, including opportunities to receive ideas on our individual projects, challenges and gatherings.


Whether facilitation is part of your designated role or you want to build this skill to make your team's work more effective, this program has a lot to offer!"


Shipra Uppal, Independent Facilitator - India

"The programme offered processes and content that are invaluable for any gathering. I can highly recommend this course to anyone looking to refine their skills and knowledge in facilitation. It allowed me the opportunity to gain insight and frameworks that are foundational to my way of being, and equipped me to identify growth areas for me and my organisation.


The facilitators also made this a highly enjoyable course by paying particular attention to how participants connect with one another in the learning process.”


Dr Louis van der Riet, Process Coordinator - Inclusive and Affirming Ministries, South Africa

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