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Learning to speak Xhosa through practical online Xhosa lessons

Tessa Dowling
16 March 2023

Exploring the Possibilities of Learning to Speak Xhosa Through Online Xhosa Lessons

CapeTalk's John Maytham recently interviewed Dr Tessa Dowling, course trainer for Speak Xhosa in Eight Weeks and Senior Lecturer in African Languages and Literature at UCT.


Tessa, who holds UCT’s Distinguished Teacher Award, shared insights on how to learn Xhosa and become conversationally competent. She emphasised the importance of learning Xhosa phrases to serve as the building blocks for conversation. For those with limited time, Tessa suggested receiving positive affirmation by practicing consistently and making progress. The conversation touched on how to navigate Xhosa pronunciation, including Xhosa clicks. Tessa encouraged learners to try their best, as speaking a language is about connection, not perfection.


If you're interested in Xhosa lessons and learning Xhosa online, Tessa's course Speak Xhosa in Eight Weeks, aimed at beginner learners, is a great approach.