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Even Beyoncé needs help to perform and we could all do with a presentation course

02 June 2023

Did you know that Beyoncé gets so nervous when she has to perform that long ago she invented an alter ego, Sasha Fierce, to help? Apparently, Queen Bey first has to become Sasha before she can strut out onto the stage and be the global megastar that she is.


We may not be wearing her heels, but most of us have to strut a bit – according to a Prezi survey, presentation skills are vital for 70% of people. And, like Beyoncé, we all need a little help: three-quarters of presenters wish to improve their skills. Why not let Present to Influence be your Sasha Fierce, and transform the way you think, speak and engage as a presenter? 


This blended program combines 8 hours of live online or in-person sessions with 2 hours of self-study. You'll work on your own real-life business topics while receiving personalised feedback and presentation coaching. Lively discussions with fellow participants will enrich your learning journey. The course features: 

  • Powerful tools like the Presentation Briefing Pack and Audience Thought Model™ 
  • A client-centric approach to develop a clear picture of the target audience
  • Strategic thinking for message structure
  • A natural and compelling delivery style that highlights your strengths.


After completing the course, you'll take significantly less time to prepare a presentation, thanks to the efficient tools. You'll deliver your message with unwavering conviction, knowing your preparation is solid. From the very start, you'll connect with your audience effortlessly. Your storytelling will become more authentic, enhancing your credibility. Most importantly, you'll learn to influence your audience, getting more buy-in more often. 


Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your communication and influencing skills! Register here and take the first step towards becoming a persuasive presenter. 


Present to Influence is offered by the Business Presentation Group (BPG). To watch Skillfully’s insightful interview with BPG expert facilitator Nikki McNaught, click here