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Essential business presentation skills

Greg Fried
23 May 2023

Listen to Skillfully co-founder Greg Fried and Nikki McNaught of the Business Presentation Group as they discuss what is needed to create and deliver an outstanding business presentation. Nikki's vast experience has helped many to produce compelling presentations that have yielded greater business success, more sales, stronger client relationships, and numerous other positive results.



Nikki, an expert trainer for the Business Presentation Group's course Present to Influence, available on Skillfully, understands the importance of establishing a quick connection with the audience during a presentation. While some people may naturally find it easier, Nikki acknowledges that building rapport takes effort for others. To foster immediate engagement, it is essential to grab the audience's attention from the very beginning, through body language, pace, tone and facial expressions. Nikki also shares insight on how we need to be aware of our body language as we present virtually. As for the balance between slides and spoken content, Nikki advises presenters to focus more on their delivery and message than on slide preparation. For the audience, the presenter's words and delivery take precedence over visual aids. The course's power tools for building a persuasive message, developed by BPG, serve as valuable resources to enhance one's presentation skills. These tools assist in crafting a compelling narrative built around understanding your audience, structuring information effectively, and using impactful visuals to support the key messages. Additionally, Nikki emphasises the importance of authenticity in storytelling, as she recognises that storytelling is a powerful tool to help make your presentation meaningful and memorable to your audience. Personalised feedback, along with discussions and debates among delegates, enriches the overall experience, allowing participants to gain new perspectives and insights. Finally, Nikki finds it challenging and enjoyable to train people to become better presenters. The difficulty lies in helping them overcome their fears and insecurities while adapting to various presentation styles. But witnessing the transformation and growth of participants as they develop their presentation skills is immensely gratifying. Present to Influence, offered by Nikki McNaught on Skillfully, is a valuable opportunity for anyone seeking to enhance their communication skills training and deliver more effective presentations.