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The art of effective presentations: expert tips and insights

Communication Guru
05 April 2023

Presentation skills and training interviewSkillfully co-founder Greg Fried sits down with John French of Communication Guru, communication expert and designer of the Face-to-Face and Virtual Presentation Masterclass. John discusses essential skills for presenters in today's rapidly changing world and offers valuable tips and advice for making a lasting impression, presenting professionally online, managing nerves, and building a professional brand. He also touches on the art of reading an audience and tailoring presentations to your stakeholders.




Question 1: Why is it essential for a presenter to make a strong first impression? Could you share a little advice on doing so?


Question 2: The past few years have been a wild ride for presenters, requiring radical adaptation. What skills are needed to be a top-notch, versatile presenter right now?


Question 3: For people working online, from home, who don’t have a recording studio, are there any simple technical tips for presenting more professionally?


Question 4: Why do many people get quite anxious about presenting? Can you offer a way to help with nerves?


Question 5: To build a professional brand as a presenter – a signature presence – what’s a good thing to work on first?


Question 6: You speak of ‘reading’ the audience to recognise and influence different types of stakeholders. Can you say a bit about how this works?


Whether you're presenting to colleagues, clients, or a broader audience, the skills and techniques discussed in this interview are essential for anyone seeking to present with confidence and impact. By following the advice of communication expert John French, you can take your presentation skills to the next level and stand out in today's competitive landscape.